The Challenger: Battleground will make its long awaited television debut this week. The series was filmed in Malaysia last year with Langkawi serving as the primary location.

Among the contestants was Jazzy Parr who has been regularly sharing photos from the set. But with the actual results embargoed until the series is broadcast we still have no idea who won or how.

We will find out soon though with The Challenger: Battleground set to be screened for the first time on HBO this Wednesday.


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Brutal competition

According to the TV guides the television series will be along these lines:

In this Emmy-nominated series, 12 of the best male and female fighters from around the world descend on the magical island of Langkawi to live and train together as they fight it out in a brutal knockout competition.

If the format is the same as previous seasons of The Contender Asia, or The Challenger Muay Thai the contestants will be divided into two teams and have to undergo a series of challenges. There will also be a fight or two every week with the losing fighter getting eliminated.

Jazzy Parr has shared some exclusive pics which give a bit of insight into what has gone on behind the scenes. But to find out exactly what happened we will have to wait until Wednesday.


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Original series

Her father, John Wayne Parr appeared on the original Contender Asia series, which was filmed in Singapore in 2007.  It featured 16 Muay Thai fighters and was broadcast in the region by AXN.

He was already a big name in the sport of Muay Thai but would go on to gain global recognition before retiring last year. His daughter has made a very promising start to her Muay Thai and boxing career, although she has a long way to go if she wants to win as many world titles as her dad.

The first episode will be available to stream on HBO Go from Wednesday onwards. Stay tuned for more updates about The Challenger: Battleground.