Tommy Fury has totally written off Jake Paul ahead of the their boxing match in Saudi Arabia this Sunday. The Englishman says his opponent is only famous because of social media and can’t even fight.

Both men are undefeated but this will be Jake Paul’s first time fighting an actual boxer. The majority of his previous opponents have been mixed martial artists and Fury is clearly not impressed by the American’s resume,

“Just because he’s Jake Paul, everyone thinks it’s going to be a 50/50 fight. I’ll tell you one thing, reputation can’t make something a 50/50 fight. You can either fight or you can’t fight. This guy can’t fight.”

General consensus

The general consensus among boxing fans is that Jake Paul can in fact fight. But Fury has been training and competing for virtually his whole life and knows the sport inside out.

He thinks this experience will be too much for Jake Paul,

“He may look good against MMA guys and old men and wrestlers. Like Floyd Mayweather said, somebody who’s been around the game all of his life, as soon as he gets in with somebody who has half an idea of what they’re doing, he’s beat.”

Fury might not be impressed by his opponent’s abilities but the bookmakers are clearly convinced. They have Jake Paul as the favourite against an opponent who is not as world renowned as his older brother.

Tyson Fury is the number one heavyweight on the planet at present. He has beaten the best fighters in the division and sold out stadiums all over the world in the process.


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Massively overrated

None of Fury’s previous opponents have been quite as famous as Jake Paul. The Englishman has an opportunity to step out of his brother’s shadow with a win in Saudi Arabia this Sunday.

The winner could be in contention for a shot at an actual world title. The WBC confirmed that Jake Paul would feature in its cruiserweight rankings for the first time if he wins on Sunday.

But Fury is adamant that Jake Paul is not worthy of the respect he is getting as a boxer. He thinks that his opponent is being massively overrated because of his enormous online following,

“If this man didn’t have 20 odd million followers and wasn’t an internet sensation people wouldn’t even think twice. They’d tell me I’d knock him out in a round.”