Ever wondered what it would be like if Barbie did Muay Thai? Well Duangdawnoi Looksaikongdin has got you covered with the costume, the music, the makeup and the kicks!

The 24 year old comes from a family of famous fighters. Her sister, Aida Looksaikongdin, married Rodtang Jitmuangnon earlier this year and is a Muay Thai star in her own right.

Her younger brother Sangarthit Looksaikongdin is undefeated boxer. He holds a record of 18-0 but we bet he can’t do quite as impressive a Barbie impression as his sister does:


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Sparring session 

Last year Sangarthit made the headlines after a fairly brutal looking sparring session with Rodtang. The ONE Championship star was using his head to block the boxer’s punches.

Having Rodtang as an in law has definitely helped to raise the family’s profile. But Duangdawnoi and her siblings are stars in their own right.

Duangdawnoi has held WPMF and WMO titles in Muay Thai as well as a minor title in boxing. But that doesn’t stop her getting in touch with her inner Barbie:


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Fully focused

Her father, Nopparit Yoohanngoh, had 16 children and taught every single one of them Muay Thai. Some of the siblings have gone further in the sport than others but Duangdawnoi is clearly a big success story.

She competes regularly at Rajadamnern World Series and holds a professional boxing record of 7-5, although these days Duangdawnoi is solely focused on her Muay Thai career.

Competing at 105lbs she is in the single most competitive division for Thai fighters. There are lots of potential opponents out there for Duangdawnoi who has enjoyed the type of sporting success that wouldn’t typically be associated with Barbie.

She has also picked up 176,000 Instagram followers making her one of the most popular female fighters in Thailand. There is a lot to like about Duangdawnoi who just happens to be a big Barbie fan by the looks of it.