Drex Zamboanga isn’t as famous as his sister who is one of the top contenders in the atomweight division. But the Filipino is making a name for himself and scored his second straight ONE Championship win tonight.

Zamboanga was moving up from bantamweight to lightweight but doesn’t seem to have lost any power in the process. He finished Rahul Raju in the opening round at ONE: ‘Full Circle’:

It was the first fight of the night ant it didn’t last long. An uppercut from the Filipino separated Raju for his senses and brought the bout to a premature finish midway through the opening round.

His sister tends to go the distance but Zamboanga packs a real punch, as Raju discovered to his cost. The Filipino didn’t hold out, going all out for the finish.

He is a former URCC bantamweight champion but looks like a powerful lightweight. This was a virtuoso performance from a man who looks set to step out from his younger sister’s shadow.