In the second fight of the night at UFC 275 Silvana Gómez Juárez took on Na Liang. The Argentinian won with a devastating KO which was captured perfectly by the cameras at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Both were looking for the first win of their UFC careers and Juarez did not need long to secure it. The finish came in under 90 seconds with the Chinese fighter rocked hard by the punching power of the Argentinian.

A right hand from Juarez connected so hard you could hear it and then a follow up left well and truly separated Liang from her senses:

Slow motion

The real time camera footage does not do justice to quite how devastating that left hand was, With Liang already staggered from the straight right hand she was completely open and Juarez capitalized in brutal style.

Fortunately there is slow motion footage of the finish which shows just how much damage that right hand did to the jaw of the Chinese fighter. You can really see the impact on Liang’s face:

Big finish

The situation didn’t get much better for Liang because a split second after she received the right hand Juarez landed a follow up left which looked just as hard. Fortunately the referee was on hand to step in and put an  immediate stop to the action.

With the win Juarez improves to 11-4 and ensures her UFC stint will continue. The Argentinian would be very unfortunate not to pick up a $50,000 USD performance bonus and will be hoping that the rest of the card is uneventful.

Liang’s future looks a lot less certain. Rong Zhu was recently released by the UFC after winning one of his first three fights inside the octagon so a second successive loss leaves the Chinese strawweights status on the roster in doubt.

Liang can also look forward to seeing this finish replayed over and over again. It is rare for cameras to capture a fighter getting knocked out in such vivid detail but we suspect the Chinese fighter won’t be too keen to watch!

Liang is one of three Chinese fighters on the UFC 275 card. Maheshate and Weili Zhang will both be hoping to have more luck than their compatriot when they fight later on this morning.