Yoshinori Horie took to Twitter today to discuss his brief experience as a male sex worker. The Rizin and UFC veteran says he was tempted into the industry five years ago.

Horie says he was struggling to make ends meet as a mixed martial artist but was able to earn a cool 20,000 yen (175 USD) after jerking off men for just an hour. Horie discussed the experience openly on Twitter:

Horie only made his pro MMA debut five years ago. He said at the time he made more money in that hour then he did in two days at his regular job.

While Horie clearly isn’t proud of having been forced to indulge in a spot of sex work in order to realize his MMA dreams the story does have a happy ending. In a follow up Tweet he says he now earns enough money to be a full time fighter  and follow his dreams:

He is currently riding a three fight winning streak and is one of the top featherweight contenders on the Rizin roster. So Horie has really made his MMA career work and isn’t ashamed to admit he made a few sacrifices in order to follow his dreams.

And for any men that were planning on getting in touch with Horie to enquire about using his services it sounds like the 26 year old has retired from the sex industry. He also states, for the record, that  ‘I like women not gays’.

Sorry guys!