Abdul Azim Badakhshi’s career might be in tatters but his relationship remains intact. The Afghan mixed martial artist took to Instagram to declare his love for Krishna Shroff.

She has stood by her man despite him being banned from competing in her family’s MMA promotion, by her mum! Badakhshi might have KOs the opportunity to fight for a living but he has still got the girl by the sounds of it.

He posted a photo of the happy couple together along with a romantic caption:

History of violence 

For those without an intimate knowledge of the Indian MMA scene and the various celebrities involved here is a quick recap. Matrix Fight Night is currently the country’s leading promotion and it is owned and operated by the Shroff family.

Badakhshi was the promotion’s biggest star and having headlined the previous two card he was cageside at Matrix Fight Night 9 to support the Afghan fighters and hang out with his girlfriend, who also happens to run the organization alongside her mother and brother. This is where things take a turn for the complicated.

Badakhshi led a mob of angry Afghans who attacked Indian mixed martial artist Srikant Sekhar. He was personally caught on camera landing a sucker punch which broke the welterweight’s jaw.

Blanket ban

Afterwards Jackie Shroff, whose daughter happens to be in a relationship with Badakhshi, announced that she was banning all Afghan fighters from competing for the promotion. But being made unemployed by his girlfriend’s mum doesn’t appear to have effected his love for the model and MMA promoter.

In the romantic Instagram post Badakhshi describes Shroff as ‘a real hero’ for standing by him. Reading between the lines it seems that the mum might not approve of the relationship.

But these two young lovers are determined to stay together through thick and thin. It is a romantic story and hopefully having the love of a good women will help Badakhshi get over the disappointment of seeing his MMA career brought to an abrupt and unexpected end.