Anshul Jubli’s life has changed completely since he signed up for the Road to UFC tournament. He has competed in the octagon three times, winning every fight to earn a long term contract with the promotion.

Jubli picked up a $50,000 bonus for his win over Jeka Saragih at UFC Vegas 68. It is a lot of money in India and things seem to have happened very fast for the 28 year old.

But Jubli is quick to point out that this definitely isn’t the case. He made his amateur debut in 2016 and would have to wait three years for the opportunity to compete as a professional.

He never believed that one day it would be possible to make a living out of MMA,

“I used to tell people this cant be a career in India. You want to provide for your family and MMA you can’t do that. I used to tell people it’s not a job but then I found my passion in the sport.”

Long journey

Despite not getting to compete at all for two years Jubli continued to train. He saw it as more of a calling than a career but the time spent in the gym would eventually pay off,

“I realized I am in love with this sport so I should give this sport a chance. I gave it one year nothing happened, two years, nothing happened but after four/five/six years I’m here.”

Right now Jubli is in Abu Dhabi getting ready to fight Mike Breeden at UFC 294. It is his first time fighting for the promotion in front of a live audience and the Indian is relishing the entire experience,

“I’m feeling very good. I like the atmosphere when you come to the hotel and the fighters are cutting weight and everything.”


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Patriotic people

With over 400,000 followers on Instagram he already has a significant fan following in India despite being at the very start of his UFC career. Jubli is moved by the support he gets from his countrymen,

“It means a lot, Indian people are very patriotic people they wan to represent their country and do something for their country and representing India is the most important thing for me right now.”

His new found fame hasn’t changed Jubli but he has been forced to make some lifestyle adjustments. The 28 year old is still getting used to life in the public eye,

“I don’t think anything changed, my coaches are the same my team is the same. One thing that changed, now I have to dress well in my home time because every time I go out someone recognizes me.”


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Wrestling and boxing

His last two opponents were Asian. At UFC 294 he faces an American who was regularly knocking opponents out on the regional scene.

Breeden has not been able to replicate this success inside the octagon and Jubli says he has been focusing on his wrestling and boxing in preparation for this fight,

“Every camp you have to change for a specific opponent. I grow every day, but this fight I’m more confident. My hands got better and my wrestling got better.”

Breeden’s UFC record currently stands at 0-3. It looks to be a very winnable matchup for Jubli and the Indian is confident he will be able to find the finish at the Etihad Arena this weekend,

“My opponent is very good, he’s very talented, he’s a complete fighter but in my mind I’m better everywhere. I can finish him everywhere, if it goes to the ground I’ll submit him or ground and pound him, if its striking I’ll knock him out. I truly believe that.”