This morning Chass Kelly announced his retirement after beating Asian MMA veteran Mark Striegl. In the aftermath Aung La Nsang posted a tribute to the American along with a video of the two men training together.

In the video La Nsang is holding pads for Kelly in what appears to be a garage:


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The video appears to be recent. Skelly put his striking skills to very good use at UFC Vegas 48 this morning, knocking out Striegl in the second round.

Afterwards Skelly appeared to confirm he would be retiring. According to La Nsang the American was 180lbs at the start of fight camp but still managed to make 145lbs for this fight.

Skelly’s future is in his own hands as the UFC would surely offer the 36 year old more fights if he decided to battle on. But whatever he decides to do he will always have at least one fan from Myanmar!