Aung La Nsang took to Instagram this week to remind people that the situation in his homeland remains dire. The Burmese middleweight shared a photo or refugees fleeing their village.

The 36 year old wants people to know that ‘nothing has changed’ but is confident that the situation will eventually improve:


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In an emotional message La Nsang says,

“Happy Monday!

Be thankful, if you are not carrying all your belongings and running for your lives through treacherous terrain.

This is not a Hollywood movie set but rather what’s happening in Myanmar. This is a photo of IDP refugees fleeing their village in northern Myanmar.

To my dear friends asking me how are thing in my home country now, I tell you NOTHING has changed.

To my friends back home, I think of you everyday and please stay strong. It’s darkest before dawn and this will end soon.”

It certainly sounds like a heartfelt statement from the former two division ONE Championship champion. The military in Myanmar launched a coup and have tried to silence dissenting voices with a campaign of brutality.

La Nsang wants all his friends back home to know he hasn’t forgotten them.