Another fighter getting the opportunity to showcase his talents on ONE Championship is Brogan Stewart-Ng. He faces Prach Buapa in Bangkok on Friday.

Stewart-Ng started taekwondo at the age of 6 and eventually earned a black belt. He would go on to travel all over the world in order to train and compete,

“I grew up doing taekwondo and competed a lot. My friend moved to Thailand, I went with him and I stayed for a while and then went to Russia where I wrestled. I returned to Thailand and began to model as well as compete in Muay Thai, but I feel that MMA is a true expression of my personal art and style.”

Stewart-Ng is currently based in Bangkok and divided his time between the renowned FA Group gym and Bangkok Fight Lab. He has been competing regularly on Max Muay Thai and is excited to be making his pro MMA debut,

“I am grateful to have got the opportunity to fight on ONE and chase my dream in MMA as well as Muay Thai.”

Max Muay Thai

Familiar foe

Stewart-Ng says he is already familiar with the man who will be standing opposite him at ONE: ‘A New Breed’ Part II this week,

“My opponent has come into my gym before. I’ve seen him train a few times before and he has a Muay Boran background and good stand up skills. I just want to do well on my debut.”

The Australian sees one area of weakness in his opponent and Stewart-Ng plans to exploit it,

“I want to enact everything that I’ve envisioned. I want to use my Muay Thai with my wrestling to get the win as I don’t think he will be as strong on the ground.”

Max Muay Thai

Perfect platform

Stewart-Ng says he had always pictured himself fighting for the UFC. But now he feels that ONE Championship is the perfect platform for him to pursue his MMA ambitions,

“I feel it’s all coming together for me, I’m closer to what I envisioned. I always saw myself in the UFC when I was starting out, but now that I’ve been living here in Thailand doing Muay Thai and I’m part Asian it’s more of my destiny to fight in ONE and I can’t wait to get started.”

As you would expect from someone who divides his time between fighting and modelling Stewart-Ng is keep to showcase an aesthetically pleasing style when he make his pro MMA debut,

“My goals are to be artistic, I want to be cool to watch, I want to develop my style and have people see my strong Muay Thai background as well as all the other skills I have.”