More details have been revealed about the ruleset under which Buakaw Banchamek and Saenchai PKSaenchaigym will compete next month. The two men are set to do battle in a bare knuckle Muay Thai bout in Pattaya on November 4th.

Buakaw and Saenchai are firm friends which has led to some speculation about what the fight will look like. But the rules are set in stone with BKFC Asia promoter Nick Chapman announcing that,

“The rules are based on traditional Muay Thai but with a bare knuckle twist.”

Non stop action

The fight will consist of five rounds which are only two minutes each. If the bout goes the distance and is declared a draw then the fighters will be forced to fight for an additional two minutes.

The rules are not quite the same as in traditional Muay Thai though because sweeps and throws are now allowed and fighters can only clinch for three seconds. Saenchai is 43 while Buakaw is 41 so they might both be dismayed to hear that there will be no stalling.

Apparently the rules have been put purposely designed in order to produce,

“Guaranteed, non stop action.”

Like brothers

Under Saenchai’s recent Instagram post which features him and Buakaw joking around a fan asks,

“Why are u guys fighting? U are like brothers…..”

In Muay Thai it is not uncommon for fighters to face the same opponent multiple times. Saenchai had six fights with Nong-O Gaiyanghadao and nine with Singdam Kiatmoo9 during his prime.

It is rare for there to be personal animosity between rivals on the Muay Thai scene because they compete on the same shows so frequently. However there can’t be many examples in history of a show being marketed so heavily that is headlined between two fighters who are friends and regularly hang out together.

Perhaps Buakaw and Saenchai really are willing to put their friendship aside in order to trade bare knuckle blows on November 4th. But it is also possible that both men see this as an easy pay day as they come towards the end of their careers.

Fans will be hoping to see the two friends go all out and trade punches and elbows despite the obvious potential for bloodshed. It will be fascinating to see what Buakaw and Saenchai have in store.