One of the many reasons that a match between Buakaw Banchamek and Saenchai PKSaenchaigym was never made is the difference in weight. The former tends to fight at around 154lbs while the latter is normally closer to 147lbs.

But a compromise has been found. Buakaw took to Facebook yesterday to inform fans that the fight was set for 68.5kgs, which is just over 151lbs.

Saenchai definitely won’t have any problems making weight. But Buakaw weighed in at 160.9lbs for his most recent fight in Bangkok and will definitely need to cut weight.

Buakaw’s fight at Rizin 42 earlier this year was set at 154lbs which suggests he won’t have too much difficulty making weight.

Height advantage

If he does Buakaw will enjoy a height advantage of at least three inches. When he was making his K-1 debut back in 2004 Saenchai was still competing at 130lbs.

While Buakaw has remained at around 154lbs ever since Saenchai has gradually moved up through the weight classes. The latter is actually slightly younger, and both have continued to compete regularly despite being in their 40s.

Buakaw turned 41 earlier this year and is winless in his last three fights. His bout with a Kung Fu master in China ended in farce and was declared a no contest.

Clash of heads

His fight with Yasuhiro Kido at Rajadamnern was also a no contest after an accidental clash of heads. Buakaw fought to a draw with Rukiya Anpo at Rizin 42 earlier in the year.

Saenchai saw his nine year winning streak come to an end when he drew with Alessio Malatesta in Rome earlier this year. He hasn’t fought a Thai since losing to Petchmorrakot Wor Sangprapai in 2004.

Buakaw’s last fight with a Thai opponent was in 2006. He beat Jomhod Kiatadisak in Sweden to win the WMC 154lbs title, stopping the veteran in the second round.

This fight will be a bare knuckle Muay Thai bout. Given the friendship between the two men and the potential for causing injury it will be interesting to see whether they throw many elbows and punches.

Saenchai recently returned from a seminar tour in the US. Yesterday he was hanging out with Buakaw in Bangkok and the two men even posed for a photo together.