Buakaw Banchamek can’t have taken too much damage in his bare knuckle Muay Thai bout with Saenchai PKSaenchaigym last weekend. The Thai fighter will be back in action at Rajadamnern Stadium in three weeks time.

There were a lot of questions heading into the fight between Buakaw and Saenchai. The two are firm friends and are coming towards the end of their respective careers.

Fans were wondering how much effort they would put into the fight. In the end Saenchai actually ended up in hospital requiring treatment for a broken finger and the swelling on his face was clearly visible.

Broken finger

Buakaw appears to have emerged completely unscathed. He is several inches taller than Saenchai and has spent his entire career competing around the 150lbs mark.

The size difference was significant and Saenchai, who has been competing against much taller opponents for much of his career, simply could not overcome it. Afterwards the multiple time Lumpinee and Rajadamnern champion stated that the contest would have been much more competitive if he hadn’t have broken his finger early in the fight.

Quick turnaround

Buakaw is a bigger name than Saenchai and commands higher purses. Having emerged from that five round bare knuckle fight without a scratch on him the 41 year old was able to accept a fight at Rajadamnern Stadium on December 2nd.

The identity of his opponent remains a mystery and it isn’t clear whether he will be competing under Muay Thai or kickboxing rules. His last fight at the stadium ended in a no contest after a clash of heads with Yasuhiro Kido.

Prior to that Buakaw had drawn with Oleksandr Yefimenko and stopped Kota Miura and Yoshihiro Sato in exhibition bouts. The latter was extremely unhappy in the aftermath of his KO loss, stating he was not expecting it to be a real fight.