Captain Petchyindeeacademy finally gets to make his promotional debut on ONE: ‘A New Breed’ Part III on Friday. He faces Petchtanong Petchfergus who has far more experience in kickboxing terms.

It is fair to say Captain, formerly known as Diesellek Aoodonmuang, is not intimidated by his opponent’s reputation which has largely been forged in China,

“I think it will be an easy fight for me, Petchtanong is older now and I don’t think he will be as fast as he was before.”

Diesellek Aooddonmuang and Sophea Meun 3

Muay Thai Super Champ

Clear plan

The kickboxing ruleset should suit Petchtanong but Captain explained he has a clear plan on how to approach the fight,

“I am not worried about the fight being under kickboxing rules. I am going to put pressure on him right from the start and try and draw him into a fight. I want to try and wear him down as I don’t think he will be able to last the pace.”

Captain already has his eyes on a dream match up against the current bantamweight king,

“I want to fight Alaverdi Ramazanov for the kickboxing title. I don’t think he is so strong but has an awkward style, I know I can beat him. I want to win a world title with ONE.”

Diesellek Aooddonmuang and Sophea Meun 2

Muay Thai Super Champ

International recognition

Captain is the reigning Lumpinee 154lbs champion but he is seeking international recognition,

“I don’t mind if it (a ONE title) is in kickboxing or Muay Thai. Nong-O Gaiyanghadao is another fight I would be happy with, he was also at Petchyindee Academy but that was before my time so it wouldn’t be a problem for me to fight him.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought opportunities for several fighters. It has also made things harder preparation wise, but Captain is sure he won’t have and problems,

“I have already been training hard long before the opportunity came along, I was training to fight Luis Cajiba from Brazil on the True4U promotion, but that fight was cancelled once we knew we would be fighting on ONE. I have been working very hard with everyone at Petchyindee Academy having big fights recently, so I am in perfect shape.”

Diesellek Aooddonmuang and Sophea Meun

Muay Thai Super Champ

Big name

Another issue some fighters have found difficult to adjust to is ONE Championships rules on weight cutting and hydration tests. Captain stated it won’t be a problem for him.

“The weight won’t be a problem for me, I have been fighting above my best weight in the stadiums, I can probably make 143lbs at a push. The hydrations tests were a little hard to work out at first, but I am comfortable with those now too.”

The current series of ONE Championship cards has thrown up some big matches involving Thai fighters. Captain is a big name in the Bangkok stadiums and will be hoping to make it a homecoming to forget for Petchtanong.