Darani Pravajra has not been quite as successful as his sisters in the sport of MMA. But the 26 year old still likes the limelight and stole the show at the Pancrase Neo Blood weigh ins with a costume that left very little to the imagination.

Fighters have been known to get naked in order to make weight but a towel is used to protect their modesty. Darani decided he wanted to get as close as possible to wearing nothing at all without breaching Japan’s decency laws and came up with this:


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More traditional

His opponent, Yusuke Amari, opted for more traditional attire wearing a pair of boxer shorts. As you can see in the photo he does not look particularly impressed at discovering the exact contours of his upcoming opponent’s genitalia.

The two lightweights were set to face off in Tokyo and Darani has been training at Tiger Muay Thai to prepare for the fight.  He has lost more fights than he has won since making his pro MMA debut in 2012.

He lost his last fight against Kazuki Kasai at Pancrase 328. As you can see from the weigh in pics Darani has somehow found a way to make his outfit even skimpier:


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Successful siblings

It makes you wonder, and possibly worry, about what he might or might not wear next time he hits the scales. But while Darani is better known for his outfits than his actual performances his sisters have been much more successful.

Karen Pravajra holds a 6-0 record and is the reigning strawweight Queen of Pancrase. At 19 she is the youngest of the three fighting siblings and the most successful so far.

Nori Pravajra’s record is more mediocre but she is still doing as lot better than her brother. The 24 year old is 4-5-1 but has been in with the likes of Mizuki Inoue, Emi Fujino and Heqin Lin.

But Darani’s record is stuck at 13-17-9. It is almost as if the 26 year old has started displaying his package in order to distract people from his actual fights!