NFT’s are big business these days. People seem willing to splash out thousands and thousands of dollars for the right to own a digital image.

John Wayne Parr is the latest fighter to have an NDT made in his honour but, to be honest, we have some questions. First and foremost: does this really look like JWP to you?


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JWP might be pushing 46 but he is in great shape. Plus he’s a big of a joker and always seems to be smiling (apart from the time he nearly died of Covid) whereas the NFT version of him looks overweight and a bit grumpy.

If someone was making a digital version of us we would want them to be a bit more flattering. Maybe add a bit of muscle definition, whiten our teeth… That sort of thing.

But JWP, who let’s face it looked pretty good in the first place, seems to have undergone the opposite process. In real life he looks like an elite fighter, but the NFT of him resembles an out of shape middle aged man.

Still NFT’s are a bit of a mystery so maybe that won’t deter someone from parting with a huge amount of cash in order to own this one!