These days Emilio Uruttia is a successful comedian and podcaster in the US. The American used to be an aspiring mixed martial artist living and training in Thailand and it sounds like he has the scars to prove it.

On a recent podcast Uruttia discussed a violent incident which occurred in Phuket. It sounds like the Tiger Muay Thai representative was involved in an altercation with fighters from another gym.

He gave the full story on a recent addition of The Honey Badger Hour,

“The scar I got on my head was from when I got bottled. I had 38 stitches, they almost killed me.”


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Outweighed and outnumbered

It all happened when Uruttia was living in Phuket. He had established himself as a fighter in the region and signed for ONE Championship but saw competitive opportunities limited during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With no fights booked the American decided to have a night out and it was a decision that backfired badly by the sounds of it,

“In Thailand in the pandemic, at an after hours club I tried to break up a fight and these hooligans humped me. Guys all jacked like 200lbers.”

Uruttia used to compete in the featherweight division so he was outweighed and outnumbered. The bruises from the punches would have healed but one of the men inflicted an injury on the American which still affects him to this day,

“They started punching me from everywhere and the punches feel normal like regular punches and then one of them sounded different. They broke a bottle and stabbed me in the head.”


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Bare knuckle

Uruttia scored wins over Edward Kelly and Bruno Pucci during his ONE Championship career. These days a lot of mixed martial artists are transitioning to bare knuckle boxing but the 36 year old is concerned his scar could be opened up,

“A couple of bare knuckles on this that shit might open!”

Uruttia lived in Thailand for around eight years and fought on smaller shows all around the region before signing with ONE Championship. The fighter turned comedian has the scars to show for his time in Phuket but at least he has some stories to tell too.