Emi Fujino will be celebrating her 41st birthday this year. But the 38 fight veteran is still going strong and put on a good showing against Ayaka Hamasaki at Rizin 30 last weekend.

Fujino might have lost that fight but both women looked battered and bruised at the end. That’s a familiar feeling for the veteran who shared some photos of herself on Instagram just now:


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It is clear from these post fight pics what a heavy toll Fujino’s fight career has taken. She has been the distance 24 times in her career, that’s a lot of rounds.

Fujino might not have beaten Hamasaki but the reigning strawweight Queen of Pancrase pushed the Rizin super atomweight champion all the way. She also made weight like a boss, effortlessly dropping down a division.

The 40 year old certainly has our respect!