The first six fights on the Shooto 0131 card have been released. Among them is a featherweight bout pitting Hayato Ishii against Yoshizumi Kobayashi.

Ishii (15-3-2) fought three times for Shooto this year, winning two and drawing one. It represented a significant improvement on 2019 when he was on the wrong end of the ‘Knockout of the Year’ at Pancrase 310.

He has been matched with Yoshizumi Kobayashi (2-3-6) in a featherweight fight. The 26 year old has not lost a fight in over two years, but almost always goes the distance.

Also in the featherweight division Nobuki Fujii (21-11-3) has been matched with Kenji Kato (11-7). The former is coming off a decision win over Joji Goto at Shooto 0919 while the latter beat Erson Yamamoto at Rizin 22.

At welterweight Yamato Nishikawa (12-3-5) has been matched with Max The Body (8-6-0), the American will be the only foreigner on the card. In the lightweight division Takeaki Kinoshita (2-3-1) faces Yasuhira Ozera (0-1).

Shooto 0131, Tokyo, January 31st
Nobuki Fujii vs. Kenji Kato (Featherweight)
Yamato Nishikawa vs. Max The Body (Welterweight)
Yoshizumi Kobayashi vs. Hayato Ishii (Featherweight)
Kota Onojima vs. Yasuyuki Nojiri (Featherweight)
Takeaki Kinoshita vs. Yasuhira Ozera (Lightweight)
Momuka Hosyuyama vs. Norika Ryu (Catchweight)