Abu Dhabi Warriors 5 is set for the Mubadala Arena tonight and will feature two heavyweight fights. In the main event Oli Thompson meets Roman Wehbe while the co-headliner pits Chi Lewis-Parry against Ibrahim El Sawi.

Thompson (18-10) is best known for winning the ‘Britain’s Strongest Man’ competition and has fought for the UFC, Bellator, KSW and Road FC among others. The 39 year old tipped the scales at 110kgs while his opponent was slightly heavier.

Wehbe (7-6-0-1) hails from Russia but is now based in Dubai. He made his debut back in 2006, taking an eight year hiatus from the sport before making a comeback with Phoenix FC in 2017 and weighed in at 112.6kgs.

In the co-main event Glory and ONE Championship veteran Lewis Parry (6-0-1-2) returns to Asia to take on Ibrahim El Sawi (6-5). The Englishman weighed in at 115kgs while the Egyptian was significantly smaller and weighed just 102kgs.

The flyweight fight between Isaac Pimentel (15-8) and Abdel Fatah Toha (6-3-1) will go ahead as planned after both men agreed to make it a catchweight contest. The former weighed 61.7kgs while the latter was 60.8kgs.

Abu Dhabi Warriors 5, Abu Dhabi, January 26th
Oli Thompson (110kgs) vs. Roman Wehbe (112.6kgs) (Heavyweight)
Chi Lewis-Parry (115kgs) vs. Ibrahim El Sawi (102kgs) (Heavyweight)
Flavio Serafimi (76.9kgs) vs. Ahmad Labban (77.4kgs) (Lightweight)
Izzeddine Al Derbani (66kgs) vs. Rolando Dy (66.1kgs) (Featherweight)
Isaac Pimentel (61.7kgs) vs. Abdel Fatah (60.8kgs) (Catchweight)
Daniel Barez (57kgs) vs. Adamson Torbiso (57.1kgs) (Flyweight)
Leandro Martins (69.7kgs) vs. Yousef Wehbe (70.06kgs)(Lightweight)
Christofer Silva (76.9kgs) vs. Mohammad Al Khatib (77.1kgs) (Welterweight)
Ahmad Al Darmaki (65.25kgs) vs. Noureldin Issam (63.85kgs) (Featherweight)
Juares Dea (65.8kgs) vs. Mohammad Basem (65.5kgs) (Featherweight)
Alexandru Chitoran (70.07kgs) vs. Mahmoud Fawaz Eg (70.2kgs) (Lightweight)