Rolando Dy wants to face Buakaw Banchamek in a bare knuckle boxing match. The UFC veteran made his debut last week and knocked out a Thai opponent with much more boxing experience in the opening round.

Dy’s father was a boxing world champion. But he decided to pursue a career in mixed martial arts and fought four times for the UFC before becoming the UAE Warriors featherweight champion.

His recent results in MMA have not been so good. Dy is on a four fight losing skid but he got his bare knuckle career off to a brilliant start by stopping Apisit Sangmuang in 40 seconds at BKFC Thailand 4.

Next up Dy wants to take on Buakaw:

Big signing

Buakaw is scheduled to fight Saenchai PK Saenchaigym in a bare knuckle bout next year. We don’t have a date or venue for that fight and it isn’t even clear which country it will happen it but both men have signed the contracts,

Buakaw and Saenchai are good friends and have been pictured together recently playing football. But it appears they are willing to fight one another if the money is right.

The bout is scheduled to be bare knuckle Muay Thai with modified rules. Buakaw made his bare knuckle boxing debut earlier this year and, just like Dy, he won with a first round KO.


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Winning start

While it remains to be seen whether Buakaw and Saenchai will ever actually fight each other on a BKFC card Dy has already got his bare knuckle career off to a winning start. He expects to fight for a title on the promotion’s event in April.

In is post the Filipino says he grew up watching Buakaw fight. While the Thai veteran would have a huge advantage if they ever met under Muay Thai rules a bare knuckle boxing match could be much more competitive.

The standard of boxing in the Philippines is much higher than Thailand which would be one factor in Dy’s favour. Being based in Manila he has access to some of the best trainers and training partners in Asia.

It remains to be seen just how seriously Buakaw is taking his bare knuckle career. But a bare knuckle bout with Dy would clearly be much more of a challenge for the Thai veteran than some of his recent bouts have been,