Jake Heun has been sentenced to seven years and nine months in an Australian prison for drugs offences. The former Rizin star will likely be out in a little over three years according to the Daily Mail.

Heun is 33 and could conceivably continue competing in MMA once he is released although being a convicted drug trafficker might make it difficult for him to travel.

The conviction comes at a time when Heun is flying high in the MMA world. He is riding a three fight winning streak for the first time in his career.

He looks set to be riding it for a while, it will be at least three years before Heun sees the outside of a prison. He was caught importing 801 grams of ‘ice’ when a package burst in transit.

Police then uncovered a ‘treasure trove’ of incriminating evidence on Heun’s phone. The media have had a field day with this story, mocking the American for being much better at MMA than he was at drug dealing.

In hindsight he should probably have just stuck to fighting and Heun will have at least three years to think about that while behind bars in Australia.