Double G 8 took place on Saturday night at the promotion’s official gym in Northern Seoul. In the main event, Ssen Gym product Joon Yong Jo took out Do Hyung Kwon with a flawless performance.

At the onset, Jo blasted in throwing heavy leather to initiate the action. He struck first with multiple overhand rights that landed around the ear. Kwon had enough and tried to slow down the movement by pressing his adversary inside the clinch. The Team MAD representative tried for a trip takedown but was reversed along the fence.

After some tussling and trading places, Kwon was dumped to the canvas. Jo landed directly in side control and stayed heavy with his hips to stabilize. He slowly advanced position while peppering Kwon with short punches.

Joon Yong Jo takes the back of Do Hyung Kwon

No escape

Eventually, Jo slid into full mount and rained down punches all the while his opponent was flopping around like a fish out of water. This led to him giving up his back and that was the beginning of the end.

A few punches to the side of the face opened up the neck. Jo wrapped it up with a rear-naked choke and there was no escape.

Jo picks up his first submission victory and elevates to 3-8, meanwhile, Kwon is back in the red at 4-10-2.

Joon Yong Jo winner

Quick jab

Jung Min Park wasted no time against Kyung Min Jo in the co-main event showcase. The southpaw snapped the jab early after getting nailed by a straight right hand down the pipe from his opponent.

Park ate another right hand yet marched forward and nearly missed with a head kick. Shortly after landing another quick jab, he grazed Jo with his shin.

Jo caught the kick and rushed across the cage to engage in some wrestling. Defending well against the cage, Park slipped his arm out and squeezed it into the neck.

Jung Min Park and Kyung Min Jo

Consecutive victories

Jo had gotten stagnant and Park was able to capitalize on the mistake with a modified guillotine grip. He didn’t even need to pull guard because the tap came instantly when he sprawled.

That is consecutive victories via first-round guillotine for Park, who moves his record to 2-0. Jo, on the other hand, is finished for the third straight time and drops to 1-3.

Double G 8, Seoul, June 19th 
Joon Yong Jo def. Do Hyung Kwon via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 1
Jung Min Park def. Kyung Min Jo via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1
Ji Soo Choi def. Jung Min Choi via Decision (Unanimous) in Round 2
Durtz def. Eun Ho Choi via Decision (Unanimous) in Round 2
Sang Hyun Park def. Seung Hyeok Hong via Decision (Unanimous) in Round 2
Seon Haeng Heo vs Cheol Ahn ends in a Draw
Chang Ho Choi def. Dong Il Kim via TKO (Punches) in Round 2
Byung Kwon Choi def. Ma Ro Kang via Decision (Unanimous) in Round 2
Bum Seok Jang def. Dong Joo Lim via Decision (Unanimous) in Round 2
Hae Won Lee def. Jong Gun Jo via Decision (Unanimous) in Round 2
Dong Geun Lee def. Hyung Joon Kwon via Decision (Unanimous) in Round 2