Kai Asakura wants a spot on the upcoming Tenshin vs Takeru card and he is willing to transition to kickboxing in order to secure it. He posted a video on his YouTube channel yesterday in which he discussed the possibility with K-1 legend Masato.

Asakura says he broke his hand in the semi final of the Rizin bantamweight Grand Prix. The injury hindered him during the final when he was beaten by Hiromasa Ougikubo.

He talked about wanting to try kickboxing and the possibility of fighting on the June event, which is likely to take place at the Tokyo Dome. Masato sympathized with Asakura and recalled withdrawing from the 2005 K-1 Max tournament after suffering an injury in the quarter final.

There is no confirmation that the Tenshin vs Takeru card will consist exclusively of kickboxing bouts. There might well be MMA fights and a rematch with Ougikubo was another possibility that the two fighters discussed.

But it looks set to be the biggest card of the year in Japan and it seems that everyone wants to be on it!