It has been an eventful few weeks for Krishna Shroff. For those that don’t follow Indian MMA closely a brief recap is probably in order at this stage.

Shroff is one of the promoters of leading Indian promotion Matrix Fight Night, along with her brother and mother. Her boyfriend, Abdul Azim Badakhshi, was the promotion’s star fighter having headlined two of the previous three cards.

At Matrix Fight Night 9 he allegedly assaulted an Indian fighter. In the aftermath Kishu’s mother, Ayesha Shroff, announced that in future Afghan fighters would be banned from competing on the promotion’s cards.

The story took another twist when the Times of India revealed that Badakhshi was her daughter’s boyfriend. It could have made for a stressful experience for Kishu but judging from her most recent Instagram update the 29 year old is taking it all in her stride:


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Famous family

Kishu comes from a famous Bollywood family. Her father, Jackie Shroff, was one of the biggest stars of his generation and her brother, Tiger Shroff, has also starred in several big box office hits in India.

Badakhshi’s roots are unknown but the Afghan has been forced to delete his Instagram after being bombarded with angry comments and messages. He was subsequently alleged to have been using a fake Indian passport and has not made a public appearance since the night of the alleged assault.

You would not know from Kishu’s Instagram account that her boyfriend was in legal trouble, or even that she had a boyfriend. There is no trace of Badakhshi but the Times of India declared that the two were in a relationship.

Eventful week

We don’t know enough about famous Bollywood families to know what would constitute a normal week. But we are fairly confident they don’t generally involve parents putting out public statements to declare their children’s significant others, and any colleagues that happen to come from the same country, are unemployed with immediate effect.

Badakhshi’s fate hangs in the balance. Multiple Indian promotions have announced they will never feature an Afghan fighter again after the incident at Matrix Fight Night 9 so he doesn’t appear to have much of a future career in his adopted home.

But Kishu seems to be coping well. She has declared herself a member of ‘the no fucks given club’ and if she’s come in for any criticism it doesn’t seem to bother her.