The last few months must have been tumultuous for Krishna Shroff and Abdul Azim Badakhshi. But the relationship remains intact with the MMA promoter taking to Instagram to show her support for the mixed martial artist.

Badakhshi has been banned from fighting for Matrix Fight Night, the event that Shroff promotes. It was his girlfriend’s mother who declared that Afghans would never be allowed to compete on another card.

But Badakhshi still has the support of his girlfriend who shared a photo of them at a Matrix Fight Night event:


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Big scandal

For those that are not up to speed with the biggest scandal to ever hit Indian MMA here is a quick recap. At Matrix Fight Night 9 there was a major brawl involving the Afghans in attendance.

Indian fighter Srikant Sekhar was involved in a verbal altercation with the Afghans in the crowd which escalated rapidly. He was chased out of the building by an angry mob, and one of them sucker punched him causing serious facial injuries.

The man throwing the sucker punch was alleged to be Badakhshi. After the incident Ayesha Shroff, the mother of Kishu, announced that Matrix Fight Night was banning Afghan fighters from its cards.

Multiple allegations

In the aftermath it was alleged that Badakhshi had been using an Indian passport which had been illegally issued. According to reports he handed himself in at a police station and was interviewed.

The Afghan, who has 256,000 followers on Instagram subsequently deactivated his account. It is back online now but he has not posted since the incident and this appears to be the first time that his girlfriend, who also happens to be one of the Matrix Fight Night promoters, has addressed it,

The text accompanying her post contains two emojis, a heart and a house. But the message is clear, she is standing by her man despite the incident at Matrix Fight Night 9 and the subsequent legal proceedings.

Badakhshi might or might not be facing criminal charges. But it doesn’t look like he will ever fight in India again which leaves the welterweight with a very uncertain future.

At least he has the public support of his girlfriend. With Shroff coming from a famous family of Bollywood stars that should be enough to ensure the Afghan makes it through this furore relatively unscathed, although whether she can rescue his MMA career remains to be seen.