In a recent video Matrix Fight Night promoter Krishna Shroff discussed the inception of the promotion she founded with her brother. The siblings are from a famous Bollywood family but are both huge fans of MMA.

Krishna believes there is a lot of untapped talent in India:

She explained that the main focus of Matrix Fight Night was to give Indian athletes a ‘platform’ to perform and show their talent,

“We just wanted to give our Indian athletes a bigger platform to showcase their talent and their skills and to take it to the next level because I really believe infrastructure lacks in our country. People are unaware (that) there is so much talent in out country so just being able to help these guys out and put them on a bigger stage for the world to see was what the idea behind MFN was.”

So far MFN has put on five events, three in India and two in Dubai. Among the fighters to emerge is Anshul Jubli, a bantamweight with a 4-0 record.