Mark Munoz has been suspended from his job as a high school wrestling coach for allowing two feuding students to box each other! The news was broken by TMZ earlier today.

Munoz was one of the first Filipino fighters to sign for the UFC. He was born in Japan and grew up in the US but both his parents are from the Philippines. Since retirement he has returned to his wresting roots and had a job teaching wrestling at Fairmont Private Schools.


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Not returning

While the idea of a UFC veteran organizing a high school fight club is entertaining the incident seems to have been much more trivial. TMZ details it as follows:

According to sources close to Munoz, two students got into an argument on the playground … and then went to Munoz — who we’re told was not made aware of the tiff — to ask if they could put on boxing gloves and settle things.

The 44-year-old, per our sources, allowed the scrap to happen — but we’re told the ex-UFC fighter believed the impromptu boxing match was more jovial than violent.

We’re told, however, one of the boys’ parents was outraged about the scrap — and went to administration over it all.

A school spokesperson declined to get into the specifics of the allegations against Munoz, but did confirm the coach has been placed on administrative leave through the end of this school year and will not have his contract picked up once it ends.

“[He] will not be returning to campus,” the spokesperson said.

Former champion

As a UFC veteran and former NCAA Division 1 wrestling champion we doubt whether Munoz will be short of job offers. The school will struggle to find a similar calibre coach to replace him though!

Munoz’ career came to an emotional end when he was invited to compete at the UFC’s first ever card in the Philippines. He beat Luke Barnatt by decision and then announced his retirement immediately afterwards, leaving his gloves in the octagon.

His son, Trey Munoz, appears to be following in his father’s footsteps. He is on the wrestling team at Oregon State and was rated #1 in his division in California during his high school wrestling career.


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Lucrative career

Munoz fought 15 times for the UFC. He was earning around $20,000 USD for a win during his WEC days and was up to $80,000 USD for a win towards the end of his career.

He recently sold his gym, the Reign Training Center, so Munoz should have achieved a certain level of financial security. It is touching that someone who has been so successful wants to return to their roots by teaching high school age children.

Unfortunately the school in question doesn’t seem to appreciate his efforts! The bad news for Munoz is that he might find himself looking for a new job, the good news is that his long list of achievements in the world of wrestling and MMA make him very employable!