Matrix Fight Night is not just an MMA promotion. The Bollywood backers also own a franchise of gyms which bears the same name.

The latest one has opened its doors in Ludhiana and the Shroff family was well represented at the grand opening. Matriarch Ayesha Shroff was in attendance along with her daughter Kishu Shroff:

Multiple locations

There are currently eight Matrix MMA gyms operating across India with three more opening soon. The Shroff family is heavily invested in the sport and has helped to pick up the pieces after the demise of the Super Fight League.

The Super Fight League was founded in 2012 and at one stage was putting on weekly events which were televised nationally. It allowed multiple Indian fighters to become full time mixed martial artists.

But the shows came to an abrupt halt in 2018. As a result the fighters were forced to look for alternative employment and the MMA scene in India almost ground to a halt.


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More opportunity

But while the Super Fight League could not live up to its lofty ambitions the people behind Matrix Fight Night seem to have a more sustainable strategy. So far there have been ten events with another one booked to take place next month.

As well as giving Indian fighters the opportunity to fight multiple times per year Matrix Fight Night has also provided multiple venues for them to train in. It has not all been smooth sailing though and the promoters and fighters have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Abdul Azim Badakhshi was caught on camera leading a mob of angry fans and allegedly assaulting Indian fighter Srikant Sekhar at Matrix Fight Night 9. As a result of this all Afghan fighters were banned from competing on the promotion’s card by Ayesha Shroff.

The decision can’t have been an easy one because Badakhshi is Kishu Shroff’s boyfriend! He is currently unable to fight, along with all the other Afghans who had been competing for Matrix Fight Night.

But that doesn’t seem to have affected the relationship between the mother and daughter. They were both all smiles at the opening of the newest Matrix MMA Gym last weekend.