People who want to see Mark Zuckerburg get beaten up will be delighted to hear that the Facebook founder is preparing for an MMA fight. He has been training with BJJ black belt Mikey Musumeci and shared some footage on Instagram of them sparring.

Zuckerburg, who has also trained with Alex Volkanovski, participated in a BJJ competition last month and the headlines would reflect the fact he won a gold medal. What many of the articles failed to mention was that there were a grand total of two people participating in the tournament in question, which was for white belts over the age of 30.

But while the competition might not have been stiff the 39 year old deserves a lot of credit for taking the risk. He is the CEO of Meta which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp among others and is currently valued at $72 billion USD.

Zuckerburg seems determined not to let what must be a difficult day job get in the way of his MMA dreams. The billionaire revealed that he is planning to fight for the first time,

Great learning from jiu jitsu legend Mikey Musumeci and starting to prepare for our MMA debuts.


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Light years

Musumeci is hoping to make his MMA debut later this year. The decorated BJJ black belt is clearly light years ahead of Zuckerberg in terms of his ground game, which is presumably why the Meta CEO was so keen to train with him.

But neither man looks completely comfortable during some light stand up sparring. Musumeci is guaranteed to make his MMA debut on a ONE Championship card, meaning the American will almost certainly be going up against a much more experienced opponent.

It is doubtful whether anyone in ONE Championship’s flyweight division will be able to handle him on the ground. But prospective opponents will all be looking to test the 26 year old’s chin.


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Different dilemma

Zuckerberg faces a different sort of dilemma. He needs to find an opponent of similar size and experience ahead of what will presumably be an amateur fight.

But unless it takes place behind closed doors, which could be a red flag for the California State Athletic Commission, there is going to be a huge level of interest both from the media and the general public. Meta is sufficiently sensitive about it’s CEO’s extracurricular activities to have issued a formal press release denying that Zuckerberg got choked unconscious in his BJJ tournament.

So finding a suitable event and a suitable opponent will not be easy. But he is one of the wealthiest men in the world and if Zuckerberg wants to compete in MMA then he is probably going to find a way to make it happen.