Everyone made weight ahead of Rizin 21. The event is set for Shizuoka tomorrow and will be headlined by a catchweight contest pitting Mikuru Asakura against Daniel Salas.

Asakura weighed in at 149.8lbs, fractionally under the 149.9lbs limit, while his opponent tipped the scales at 148.3lbs. The Japanese fighter had the following message,

“My opponent is unorthodox and would be tough to deal with. I have been working on my right hand so I look forward on using it. I used to come to street fight in Hamamatsu so it brings back memories. And this is also the city where I made my MMA debut so I will try to come back to my roots and fight to finish.”

Meanwhile Salas, who will be making his Rizin debut, said,

“I grew up in a rough neighborhood in Mexico city and am no stranger to street fights. I am actually very excited to hear that Asakura is also a street fighter. It takes a different mindset to fight on the streets so I think this will be a good fight. This fight will be intense, and strategy will be the key. I have a good chin and a Mexican fighter heart and I want to show that to the Japanese fans.”

Rizin 21, Shizuoka, February 22nd
Mikuru Asakura (149.8lbs) vs. Daniel Salas : 67.30Kg / 148.3lbs)
Victor Henry (133.2lbs) vs. Masanori Kanehara (133.7lbs)
Roque Martinez (248.6lbs) vs. Hideki Sekine (250.3lbs)
Marcos Yoshio Souza (173.4lbs) vs. Falco Neto (173.4lbs)
Kintaro (133.7lbs) vs. Kenji Kato (133.7lbs)
Trent Girdham (133.7lbs) vs. Naoki Inoue (132.7lbs)
Vuqar Karamov (144.9lbs) vs. Kyle Aguon (144.6lbs)
Kousuke Jitsukata (259.8lbs) vs. Ryo Sakai (221.9lbs)
Kenichi Takeuchi (124.5lbs) vs. Naoya (125.6lbs)