You probably didn’t hear about this but Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscar’s last weekend. The incident doesn’t seem to have received much media coverage but Mikuru Asakura knows all about it.

He put his Photoshop skills to good use, recreating the famous photo to make it look like he was slapping Ren Hiramoto:

Baiting Hiramoto appears to be Asakura’s number one task for today. He has posted a series of tweets which mock the kickboxer who has transitioned to MMA with limited success.

Hiramoto was a successful kickboxer and reached the final of the K-1 lightweight tournament in 2017. But he has lost both of his MMA fights to date and this seems to be a source of amusement for Hiramoto.

Hiramoto clapped back with a tweet accusing Asakura of playing illegal poker games. But one again the Rizin featherweight contender put his Photoshop skills to good use coming up with this reply:

Both men are competing in the same weight class so there is a possibility they could eventually fight. But Asakura has a 16-3 record and is coming off back to back wins so you would think he was more focused on a featherweight title shot than a match with the winless Hiramoto.

Asakura appeared to suggest he was going to sue Hiramoto for defamation after the kickboxer suggested he was involved in illegal gambling. Whether this was a genuine threat or not we don’t know.

But on what has otherwise bene a quiet news day for Asian MMA we have learned that Hiramoto and Asakura don’t like each very much and the latter knows how to use Photoshop!