Any doubts as to whether Kesarin Chaichalermpol, better known as Nong Natt, was serious about her Muay Thai career were instantly dispelled when the porn star posted some training footage on her Instagram account. She can be seen hitting pads with a trainer at the Kru Dam Gym in Bangkok.

The gym is set to play host to Nong Natt’s first ever Muay Thai fight on July 9th. She is set to take on model Amee Maxim and is training hard for the contest by the looks of it:


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Adult movies

Nong Natt is not known for her exploits in the Muay Thai ring. She became famous after featuring on a number of pornographic videos at the start of the century.

While she appears to have retired from the adult movie industry Nong Natt is still extremely active on Instagram and regularly posts updates for her 1.3 million followers. She is frequently to be found working out in the gym although this is the first time we have seen her put on a pair of boxing gloves.

With the fight less than a month away she appears to have left it quite late to start training. She does at least appear to have the basics and manages to keep her hands up while throwing combinations.


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Looking good

Nong Natt looks very good in her photos although you could not accuse her of being overdressed. Fans will be wondering whether she can look as good in an actual fight and they won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Opponent Amee Maxim favours Facebook over Instagram and is posting regular updates there. If she is doing any training to prepare for this fight then she has chosen not to share any photos or footage of it with the 900,000 or so people who follow her page.

So Nong Natt could have an edge over her opponent, having actually taken the time to learn Muay Thai with a proper trainer. Perhaps Amee Maxim is keeping her training routine hush hush.

Or perhaps the fight between the porn star and model will turn out to be more of an exhibition contest with neither trying too hard to hurt the other. We will find out less than three weeks time!