Ok Rae Yoon has finally fired back at Christian Lee and he had some harsh words for the former ONE Championship lightweight king. The Korean won the first fight between them by decision causing much controversy.

Lee was very unhappy with the decision and believes he clearly won. Two of the three judges scored it for Yoon and the two men are set to rematch at ONE 160 this month.

While Lee has had plenty to sat for himself Yoon has kept quiet and focused on getting back to fitness after suffering a fractured orbital.  But the Korean accuses his opponent of making too much noise and thinks it betrays a lack of confidence,

“A real king of the jungle can sit still and be quiet, and those around him will instinctively know that he is strong. But those that are weaker down the food chain, like a cat, they tend to hiss and growl and make more sound, since they know they are the weaker of the two. That’s kind of what this situation feels like to me.”

Technical explanation

He also offers a more technical explanation as to why he was the rightful winner of their fight which headlined ONE: ‘Revolution’ last year’,

“First of all, in terms of total strikes, I was superior to Christian Lee. After the third round, perhaps due to physical strain or fatigue, Christian adopted a high guard and was constantly seen backing away several times.  From then until the final round, Lee appeared to be struggling to survive through the rounds, which is why I believe I was the definite winner.”

But Yoon knows there will always be a question mark over that win and wants to finish the rematch in more emphatic fashion,

“I am definitely considering a finish with a clear strike, but even if I were to take him out with one punch, there is bound to be talk from people saying that it was a lucky punch and such. ”

Dragging it out

But Yoon is a fighter who normally goes the distance. Ten of his last 11 fights have been to a decision and it sounds like he would have no qualms about dragging the fight out and leaving it in the hands of the judges,

“If I were to show them a performance where I have the upper hand against Christian Lee and dominate him throughout the five rounds, I think that could possibly be a better option.”

In fact Yoon is totally up front about the fact that finishing Lee is not his sole focus. He might be the reigning lightweight champion and the king of the jungle but the 31 year old is not about to change his style just to prove a point.

Last time he survived an early onslaught and was able to keep up a consistent pace for 25 minutes while Lee faded down the stretch. It is a scenario that would suit the Korean second time around and he openly admits that,

“A clean finish or dragging him out until the final round are all possible situations I am preparing for.”