Rae Lil Black is instantly recognizable to anyone who has spent a lot of time browsing pornographic websites. She is also becoming a familiar face in Bangkok’s Muay Thai gyms and this week the adult movie star was at Kongsittha in Bangkok.

Kongsittha is not a gym that is unfamiliar with celebrity guests. It is owned by Matthew Dean who is an announcer at Muay Thai shows, has a celebrity wife and is so famous in Thailand that a reality show about his family life was recently released on Netflix.

It seems Dean wasn’t in the gym this day which is probably a good thing because his wife, Lydia Sarunrat, probably wouldn’t be too happy to learn that her husband had been hanging out with porn stars. She recently took out a billboard to demand he get a vasectomy and doesn’t seem like the type to be messed around.

But while Dean wasn’t on hand to welcome Rae Lil Black to the gym the porn star did get to train with Mary Kongsittha who is a star in her own right.

Very beautiful

Rae Lil Black seems to use her Facebook page exclusively to communicate with her army of Thai fans. Writing in Thai she says that,

“Today my coach is very beautiful and very skilled.”

Rae Lil Black is a long term Muay Thai fan who has not been shy about letting people know how much she loves Tawanchai PKSaenchaigym. She met him for the first time at ONE Friday Fights 34 and looked suitably star struck.

But the following day she was training with one of Tawanchai’s rivals. Rae Lil Black shared some photos of herself working out with legendary trainer Gae at the Superbon Gym.

Tawanchai was supposed to be fighting Superbon Banchamek at ONE Fight Night 15 tomorrow morning. But the latter pulled out after tearing his calf muscle and was replaced by Jo Nattawut.


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Show of support

Given that Rae Lil Black is clearly back in Bangkok it will be interesting to see whether she makes it to ONE Fight Night 15 tomorrow. Tawanchai will certainly be a strong favourite against Jo Nattawut and will be hoping his most famous fan is there to cheer for him.

Thai porn star Nong Natt loves Muay Thai so much that she actually participated in an amateur fight. It seems that Rae Lil Black has only just started training but Thailand’s most famous adult movie stars seem to be big fans of the sport.