It seems Rika Ishige’s relationship status is currently set to ‘single’. The Thai/Japanese stunner recently issued a come and get me plea to potential suitors and is unlikely to be short of offers.

Rika was one of the first mixed martial artists in Asia to leverage her success as a fighter in order to become a social media influencer. She has been extremely successful, winning awards while acquiring 245,ooo followers on Instagram and 460,000 followers on Facebook.

But what Rika doesn’t appear to currently have is a boyfriend. She took to Instagram to tell her followers,

Tired of being adult? Be my baby then.


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Power couple

Rika used to be one half of Thailand’s MMA power couple. Her and Shannon Wiratchai were an item around the time that ONE Championship was just starting to put on events in Bangkok.

But the two have long since gone their separate ways. Shannon got married to his long term girlfriend Faye Lee last year while Rika is still single by the sounds of it.

Meanwhile Supergirl Jaroonsakgym and Peter Danesoe have emerged as the most famous couple on the scene in Thailand. The latter recently won by knockout on a Road to UFC card while the former compete in kickboxing and Muay Thai for ONE Championship.


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Ambitious individuals

It isn’t clear exactly where prospective partners are supposed to apply to be Rika’s ‘baby’. But a few ambitious individuals seem to have decided that the Instagram comments would be a good place to start.

Rika clearly isn’t letting her ‘single’ status’ get her down. Last week she declared that she had been ‘living a dream’ since moving to Chiang Mai eight months ago.

Having spent a lot of time travelling and training all around Thailand she appears to have finally settled down. But it sound like Rika has done so on her own, and is living by herself in Chiang Mai.