Shannon Wiratchai lost by TKO at Island Fighter’s League 2 last weekend. Results from the event in Bali still aren’t out but the Thai fighter feels that the bout should have been ruled a no contest.

He was taking on Road FC veteran Dong Guk Shim and by Wiratchai’s own admission he didn’t fight well. But he wants people to know that,

“I lost by TKO to two strikes to the back of my head.”

Not legal

In the video you can see that Wiratchai taps. This would normally be recorded on his professional record as TKO (Submission to strikes) but the ONE Championship veteran is adamant that the shots in question were not legal.

He wants the result overturned and wrote that,

“My team and I have written an appeal to Island Fighters League to overturn the decision to No Contest. I am asking for the same treatment as would be given in any major MMA Organization. As fighters and fans we all know strikes to the back of the head are illegal.”

The video footage is totally inconclusive and shows Wiratchai completing a takedown while his opponent has a hold of his neck. It is possible the Thai’s head might have hit the canvass hard but it is completely obscured from view.

From bottom position his opponent throws a couple of punches which seem to land just behind Wiratchai’s left ear. The Thai taps immediately and the referee calls off the fight.


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Rushed to hospital

The punches did land behind the ear but didn’t seem to have enough power behind them to do any real damage. Wiratchai was clearly in a lot of pain and says he was rushed to hospital,

“At the moment of impact to the back of my head, I knew I needed to stop. I was rushed to the ambulance and the first priority was my safety.”

It will be interesting to see what the promotion in question makes of all this. There don’t appear to be any official results available at present so we don’t even know which round the fight finished in.

Shannon will be hoping that the fight is ruled a no contest which would leave him at 11-6-0-2. Should his opponent’s win stand the Korean would move up to 6-5 and both will be eagerly awaiting the release of the official results.