Seung Woo Choi sounded like a relieved man in the aftermath of UFC Singapore. He snapped his four fight losing streak with the decision win over Jarno Errens.

It had been over two years since he last won a fight and Choi was just happy to have put a very difficult period behind him,

“I still have a long way to go but the last two years was very tough and I have put that behind me.”

Fast start

Choi actually won his first two UFC fights. The Korean probably wouldn’t still be on the roster if he hadn’t enjoyed this early success but his form promptly fell off a cliff.

He was asked what had changed in the aftermath of this victory and answered without hesitation,

“The biggest difference was that I did fight camp with the Korean Zombie at his gym.”

Training with one of the most experienced mixed martial artists in Korea clearly gave him a lot of confidence. Choi might have come into the fight on a bad run of form but he never doubted himself,

“I felt confident from the bottom of my heart, I felt great.”


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Growing and evolving

Now that The Korean Zombie is officially retired he will presumably have more time to focus on his coaching career. He already has one success story and Choi gave a lot of the credit for his victory to the Korean veteran,

“The fact that I could train with The Korean Zombie and fight on the same card as the Korean Zombie inspired me to get the win. That was a big part of my win.”

It sounds like his mentor also helped develop a strategy for the fight. Choi was looking to bait Errens into closing the distance in order to counter and says that they spent a lot of time working on that,

“We prepared for this for five weeks. It was all about distance and pulling my opponent in so I could counter my opponent. It’s something we did over and over again.”

Having seen his place on the roster come under threat after those three consecutive losses Choi is not getting carried away with his recent success. He isn’t even thinking about the rankings and is more concerned with having secured his UFC future,

“I’m going to keep growing, keep developing. I am not in a hurry to get in the rankings, my ultimate goal is to fight for as long as possible in the UFC.”