Korean firefighter Shin Dong-Guk will make his return to the cage at Road FC 53 in a rematch with Hayashi Tamotsu.

These two lightweights met initially last July at Road FC 48 where Tamotsu (7-4) was given a controversial decision win over Shin (2-1) by the judges.

In the first frame, Tamotsu rushed forward from the bell and pressed Shin against the fence. While defending the takedown, Shin placed a crippling knee to the groin and had his opponent on all fours gasping for air.

Although Tamotsu was able to recover and continue, he spent the rest of the round protecting his neck from being strangled.

Premature conclusion

The second round started the same with Tamotsu running into a guillotine and almost being submitted. He was able to slip out and reset, then ducked under during a wild exchange to finally get the fight to the ground.

The Japanese veteran kept his physically stronger adversary on the mat until another low blow occurred. During the replay, it looked like Shin pushed off the groin area with his foot and did some damage in the process.

The doctors went into the cage to attend to Tamotsu and determined he could not proceed on.

Unsatisfactory ending

The fight went straight to the judges and they scored it unanimously for Tamotsu. Due to the unsatisfactory ending the organization has put together a rematch to have some closure.

Road FC 53 takes place on Jeju Island on May 18th and the headliner will feature the finals of the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament between promotional champion Kwon A-Sol and French powerhouse Mansour Barnaoui.

Road FC 53, Jeju Island, May 18
Kwon A-Sol (c) vs Mansour Barnaoui ($1M Lightweight Tournament Finals)
Shin Dong-Guk vs Hayashi Tamotsu (Lightweight)
Lim Dong-Hwan vs Kim Tae-In (-90kg Catchewight)
Shin Ji-Seung vs Ji Young-Min (-68kg Catchweight)