Stamp Fairtex started out as a Muay Thai fighter. But she has long since evolved into a successful mixed martial artist and the Thai took another step on her journey towards becoming an elite grappler.

A few fans were surprised when Stamp submitted Ritu Phogat with an armbar in the final of the atomweight Grand Prix. After all, the Indian was the wrestler while the Thai came from a background in striking.

But in this day and age you won’t get very far in MMA if you aren’t genuinely well rounded. Last week Stamp gave herself a sexy makeover but she clearly hasn’t lost focus on her martial arts career.

Earlier today Stamp demonstrated just how serious she is about improving the grappling side of her game when she announced she was now a purple belt in BJJ:


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Tapped out

Stamp is actually coming off a submission loss. But there is no shame in being tapped out by BJJ black belt Angela Lee, and at the age of 24 she definitely has time on her side.

She is fortunate to have been based long term at the Fairtex camp in Pattaya which offers BJJ classes. Stamp made her MMA debut back in 2018 so has been working on her ground game for at least five years.

She is pictured with Jason Burnworth. According to Stamp she has been working with the BJJ black belt since the very first day that she started grappling.

Top ranked

Stamp is the #1 ranked atomweight. She went from the high of winning the atomweight Grand Prix to the low of being submitted by Lee in a fight for the title.

There is no chance of Stamp being handed an immediate rematch with Lee. The champion is set to face Seo Hee Ham next which means the Thai will probably me matched with another contender.

Among the candidates to face Stamp are Jihin Radzuan and Alyse Anderson. An intriguing option is former friend Denice Zamboanga, who used to train at Fairtex but moved away once it was confirmed they would both be participating in the Grand Prix.

Stamp has experience that goes beyond her years. Muay Thai fighters tend to start out young and she was already a veteran in stand up fighting sports by the time she made her MMA debut.

So the Thai looks to have a bright future despite coming off that defeat. It will be interesting to discover who she is fighting next and to see some more of the ground game she is clearly working so hard on.