Giorgio Petrosyan’s jaw was broken by the Superbon Banchamek head kick which ended last night’s featherweight title fight. There was genuine concern for the two time K-1 Max winner who was out cold on the canvass.

He was unconscious before his head hit the ground but it seems that the kick did the most damage. ONE Championship commentator Michael Schiavello just tweeted that Superbon had broken Petrosyan’s jaw:

He won’t be the first fighter so have his jaw broken but it will be a long road back for the Armenian. Superbon is one of the best kickboxers in the world but Petrosyan, for many, was the pound for pound king and came into last night’s contest as a strong favourite.

He was well and truly dethroned by Superbon. Next up for the Thai will be a title defence against the winner of the ongoing featherweight Grand Prix.

By contrast Petrosyan faces a long period of rest and rehabilitation. In kickboxing reputations can be won and lost in a split second something which one of the best fighters in history found out the hard way last night.