Superbon Banchamek will go down in history for his head kick KO of Giorgio Petrosyan. He repeated the trick at ONE Fight Night 11 this morning, knocking Tayfun Ozcan out with a left kick to the face.

While the two finished will go down on Superbonโ€™s record as identical they were actually very different. To knock out Petrosyan he used two right kicks to the body to set up a right kick to the head.

On that occasion Superbon was the aggressor. But at Lumpinee Stadium this morning it was the left leg that did the damage and this time the Thai was counter striking.

Pushing the pace

Ozcan was the one pushing the pace and attacking with combinations of punches. But Superbon wasnโ€™t content just to cover up and weather the storm, he countered with a head kick from his lead left leg.

No-one could have seen it coming and it certainly took Ozcan by surprise. Superbon flicked the leg up with so much ferocity that it knocked the Dutch / Turkish featherweight out instantly.

Ozcan was out cold and there was absolutely no question of the fight being allowed to continue. For Superbon the victory was particularly sweet because he was knocked out himself in Bangkok earlier this year.

The Thai lost his title to Chingiz Allazov in front of a stunned audience at Impact Arena in January. He got his campaign to recapture the belt off to the best possible start here.

Pound for pound

Afterwards Superbon was handed a $50,000 USD performance bonus. Allazov already has a fight booked, he will be defending the belt for the first time against Marat Grigorian at ONE Fight Night 13.

Superbon will probably be penciling that date into his calendar because he has put himself in pole position for a shot at the winner. Afterwards he announced that he wanted a rematch with Allazov.

When the commentator pointed out that Allazov already had a fight booked Superbon declared that he would like to fight the winner of that, although he clearly wants to rematch the current champion regardless.

Since signing for ONE Championship he has established himself as one of the best pound for pound kickboxers on the planet. His reputation was dented by the knockout defeat to Allazov but Superbon is definitely back on track after anothe highlight reel KO win here.