Giorgio Petrosyan was unconscious before he even hit the canvass. So devastating was the second round head kick landed by Superbon Banchamek that the kickboxing legend was out cold before his head touched the ground.

It was an incredible upset and an absolutely brutal finish to their featherweight title fight at ONE: ‘First Strike’:

Petrosyan was felled instantly and there was absolutely no question of the referee giving him a ten count. It was one of the most devastating KOs in the history of kickboxing.

In the buildup Superbon told fans that Petrosyan had turned down a fight with him because he needed more  time to prepare. He probably had a point as the Thai edged the opening round with his lightning fast right kicks before finishing the fight in the most ruthless manner in the second.

Superbon earns the right to call himself the first ever ONE Championship featherweight kickboxing champion. There will be real concerns for Petrosyan’s wellbeing and hopefully he makes a full recovery after the most devastating of defeats.