Supergirl and Wondergirl are celebrating Christmas. They both shared identical sets of photos on Instagram along with a reminder that it is nearly December 25th.

To commemorate the occasion the sisters decided to sit on a box. It’s not exactly a traditional celebration but then Christmas isn’t such a big deal in Thailand:

Both sisters recently joined Marrok Force, sparking rumours that they might be about to switch to MMA. Supergirl is definitely sticking to Muay Thai for the time being, she has a fight booked in January.

Marrok Force is home to mixed martial artists like Denice Zamboanga and Jeremy Miado. The Bangkok camp doesn’t have as many famous Muay Thai fighters on the roster.

Wondergirl started training in BJJ when she was at Fairtex and even participated in a couple of competitions. While both are enjoying success in kickboxing and Muay Thai we wouldn’t mind seeing they in MMA and we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing some more of their Christmas pics!