Earlier this week Max Holloway called out the Korean Zombie. After winning at UFC on ESPN 44 the Hawaiian made it clear that he wanted to take on Chan Sun Jung next.

It didn’t take the Korean Zombie too long to respond. He made it absolutely clear that he was down to fight Holloway with a simple statement,

Holloway! If you want to fight me, anytime, anywhere! Let’s go brother.


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Ready to return

The Korean Zombie is clearly ready to face Holloway. That will be big news in Korea where the promotion cancelled a fight card that was scheduled for Seoul after the 36 year old suffered a shoulder injury.

But these are not the words of a man who is struggling with an injury. The Korean Zombie makes it clear he is ready to fight ‘anytime’ which suggests that he is fully fit again.

For some reason Holloway thinks the two men should fight in Australia. Fighters don’t generally get to dictate which country their UFC bouts take place in so matchmakers probably won’t be taking this suggestion too seriously.


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Final fight

But the UFC clearly wants The Korean Zombie to headline a fight card in Seoul. It could well turn out to be he veteran’s final fight and Holloway could just be the ideal opponent.

The former UFC featherweight champion is still a big draw. But The Korean Zombie would come into that contest as an underdog and if he wants to finish his career on a high there are easier options out there.

Throughout a career that has seen him take on some of the top fighters in the WEC and the UFC he has never looked for easy fights so the 36 year old isn’t going to start now. He is ready and willing to face Holloway and doesn’t seem to mind where the matchup takes place.

The UFC matchmakers will be following this exchange with interest. But regardless of whether a fight with Holloway materializes it is good to know that The Korean Zombie is back.