GFC 3 took place in Busan on Saturday night. Some of the top prospects such as Myung Jae Wook and Woo Sung Hoon were able to show their skillsets and continue their campaign through the regional scene.

The feature bout was a clash between dangerous striker Park Chung Il and highly touted finisher Myung Jae Wook.

Park is a veteran of local promotions like Double-G and Road FC. He stepped in for Hwang Do Yoon at the last minute in order to save the main event and put up a good fight considering he looked a little out of shape.

Park Jong Hyeok

Opposite directions

Both men attacked the legs with kicks but Myung’s seemed to be doing the most damage. The first round was pretty even with both fighters landing punches.

Entering the second round, Park looked impaired by the damage he had took to his lead leg. With his movement hampered, the North Korean fighter had to switch up his attack and Myung was able to capitalize.

Presumably due to the damage to his leg Park was only able to throw single strikes. Myung never looked like finding the finish but was able to slip his opponent’s punches and land with  relative ease.

As a result Myung cruised to the unanimous decision win and retained his status as a blue chip prospect. Both men’s careers are clearly moving in opposite directions as the winner improves to 6-0 and Park drops to 0-6.

Park Jong Hyeok

Up and comer

Another serious up-and-comer made more of a statement with his win. Woo Sung Hoon knocked out Jung Sung Hoon in the first round.

Woo was calculated and precise with his punches and once he decided to pick up the pace, his foe could not make the intensity.

Woo (7-2) extends his win streak to six with five TKO finishes, while Jung (1-4) loses his third straight.

Park Jong Hyeok

Fight of the night

In the fight of the night, Choi Eun Bin stepped in on short notice for Park Su Hyeon and took on Mae Su Hyeok. Choi was the likely underdog and it played out that way for the first few minutes.

After getting tagged a few times on the feet, Choi changed levels and took the fight to the ground. He then commenced moving his opponent to the fence and tried to work some offense but Mae stayed active with peppering punches and reversed position when the opportune time came.

In a flash, Choi locked up a triangle choke and Mae was in trouble. However, he escaped and they were back to the center of the cage. Again, Choi attempted a takedown but this time around Mae powered his hips and landed on top.

Mae began pounding down shots to the body and the temple. Just when it looked like Choi was about to get finished with strikes, he trapped the arm and threw up his legs. Mae fell over and had nowhere to go, therefore, tapping in the process.

Choi (1-0) wins his debut in emphatic fashion against Mae Su Hyoek (0-3), who is submitted for the second time in three professional fights.

GFC 03, Busan, August 1
Myung Jae Wook def. Park Chung Il via Decision (Unanimous), Round 2
Choi Ji Su and Kwon Do Hyung, Draw
Kim Yo Han def. Kim Il Kwon via Decision (Unanimous), Round 2
Kim Joong Kwon def. Park Jung Min via Decision (Unanimous), Round 2
Choi Eun Bin def. Mae Su Hyeok via Submission (Armbar), Round 1
Woo Sung Hoon def. Jung Sung Hoon via TKO (Punches), Round 1
Lee Seung Chul def. Kim Tae Hoon via TKO (Punches), Round 1
Lee Seung Ri def. Jung Seung Hun via Decision (Unanimous), Round 2