Vitor Belfort made short work of faded boxing legend Evander Holyfield last weekend. After beating the former heavyweight world champion he called out Jake Paul.

Belfort had a lot to say about the YouTuber and none of it was nice,

“Jake Paul, he deserves it. He’s choosing his opponents, he cannot say no to me. We are going to teach him a lesson.”

According to the broadcast team there is a$30 million USD bet on the table for Belfort to fight Paul. It is winner takes all, meaning the triumphant fighter walks away with the money and the loser gets nothing.

Vitor Belfort beats Evander Holyfield 2

No morals

Belfort confirmed he was open to fighting Paul and announced there was even more money on the table for him to face off against Saul Alvarez with a winner takes all bet,

“Its 30mn for Jake Paul or 40mn for Canelo,” he said.

But Belfort only has eyes for the YouTuber and seems to be on a mission to upset him,

“If he says no all his little fans, I’m going to create a YouTube channel and they are going to follow me. He doesn’t have morals, he doesn’t have family values, he doesn’t  represent the fighters.”

Vitor Belfort beats Evander Holyfield 3

Attention seeking

Belfort’s son is a future NFL star while his daughter is also reportedly an excellent volleyball player. He thinks that Paul does not reflect the values that he holds and wants to teach the YouTuber a lesson,

“He’s just getting attention and someone has to give him a whipping, that’s me. I’m going to put him on my lap.”

Belfort made quick work of Holyfield. How would the UFC and Pride veteran fare against Jake Paul?