From Muay Thai to cock fighting it is clear that Thai people will watch, and gamble on, just about any form of combat. But from Fight Circus, the people that brought you Siamese twin kickboxing, two on one white collar fights and Indian leg wrestling, comes a new form of entertainment.

The Full Metal Dojo owned promotion has decided to bring back a test of strength more commonly seen at school sports days, and on Squid Games. The good news is that, unlike the wildly popular Korean series, no-one actually dies, the bad news is that a lot of scantily clad Thai girls do get soaking wet:


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Branching out

Initially Full Metal Dojo was strictly an MMA promotion. The likes of Loma Lookboonmee and Amir Aliakbari all fought on the events during these early days and several fighters would go on to sign with ONE Championship and the UFC.

But at some stage promoter Jon Nutt must  have decided that putting on normal MMA fights was a bit boring. He decided he was going to branch out. Big time.

These days Full Metal Dojo’s fame has been eclipsed by that of the Fight Circus spinoff. Whereas the latter was strictly an MMA promotion the former has been described as ‘the pinnacle of freak show fighting’.


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Domestic pancrase

The last Fight Circus event featured something called ‘domestic pancrase’ which involved two fighters facing off in a ring that had furniture scattered across it. Last weekend’s event was billed as the Enter the Dragon Barbeque with the poster promising ‘The Greatest Muay Thai Fighters and The Finest Ring Girls from Phuket’.

There doesn’t seem to be much footage of the Muay Thai fights although we assume they did take place. But the promotion appears to have delivered on its promise of  bringing ‘the finest ring girls from Phuket’ to this event.

The next Fight Circus event is reportedly set to take place in March. Fans should expect the unexpected, although if you are into well matched fights between similar sized competitors that use traditional rulesets this probably isn’t the event for you.