Fight Circus 3 took place in Pattaya last weekend. The event features Siamese twin kicking fights, a fight in an actual phone booth and cosplaying dwarfs.

For those that find UFC 268 a bit boring with the identical rules, uniforms and evenly matched bouts featuring fighters of identical weight Fight Circus 3 offered the perfect antidote. The results won’t be appearing on anyone’s record but there is no disputing that this event was fun.

If you had ever wondered what a fight in a phone booth would look like then look no further:

Fight Circus is a spinoff of Full Metal Dojo. The promotion used to put on regular MMA fights but apparently decided that was much too boring.

Instead Jon Nutt and his team decided to get creative and put on the sort of contests that no-one else was doing, or even thinking about doing. The end result is a fight between two pairs of fighters taped together to form a Siamese twin, two people fighting in a phone booth or a two on one fight.

It definitely isn’t MMA and it won’t be for everyone. But it’s a lot of fun.